Fish Processing & Packaging Facility in Bodrum Turkey

In order to deliver premium quality sea bass and sea bream, Sürsan started its own ‘processed, frozen and filleted’ fish production at 2000m2 Güllük fish processing and packaging plant where some of the most modern technologies have been introduced in Turkey.


Some of the technologies used at the fish processing and packaging facility include air-impingement freezing, the most advanced freezing technology, where the freezing duration is minimized to only 5-7 minutes depending on fillet/fish size. Such quick freezing delivers a top quality frozen fish since the water crystals that form inside the fish flesh are tiny allowing minimal damage to the cell structure of the flesh.

20km Radius

It is important that the fish is frozen immediately after grading and filleting, within hours of harvest from the cages. Equipped with modern technologies, Sürsan fish processing & packaging facility and all of the grow-out sites are located within 20km radius. Thus Sürsan enables the fish to be processed within a short time period once harvested ensuring the freshness of the final products.