Fishmeal and Oil Production Facilities in Turkey

Since 1981, Sürsan has been producing high quality fishmeal and fish oil at its three plants located along Black Sea coast with a total fish processing capacity of 2000 tons per day. All Sürsan fishmeal and fish oil plants are internationally certified meeting the full requirements of quality management and food safety standards under ISO 9000 & 22000. In additionally all Sürsan fishmeal and fish oil plants are in the process of obtaining Global GAP.

Fishing Fleet

In 1994, Sürsan has started its own fishing facilities to be able to process wild catch while its still fresh consistently. Today Sürsan fishing fleet consist of main fishing vessel Sürsan 1 and its 8 carrier boats.

Located by Blacksea

All fishmeal and fish oil plants are located by Black Sea Coast. As a result of this the wild catch delivered by Sürsan fisheries can be processed whilst still fresh avoiding any protein loss. Raw materials are then used in fish feed production.